Our vision to provide maritime security solution was necessitated by the upsurge in militancy between 2007 and 2008. Aquashiled became one of the pioneer companies to provide private maritime security services in Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigeria Navy. Mindful of the enormity of the task and sensitive/professional nature of the business of private maritime security, we had assembled a highly dedicated workforce comprising senior  and  middle  cadre  security  experts  to  design  and  implement maritime/industrial security concepts that conform to national/international standards. Our careful selection and acquisition of relevant equipments for the task had further boosted the expert delivery of our uncommon security solutions hinged on a deep commitment to guarantee client satisfaction.

AquaShield Oil and Marine Services Limited   is among the few companies in Nigeria  recently recertified to provide maritime security solutions to a variety of clients including the oil & gas companies, shipping companies, oil servicing company etc. In specific terms, our highly professional members of staff and consultants have designed operational concepts for the delivery of a range of services at an uncommon altitude including the following:


  1. Offshore oilfield protection.
  2. Armed security escort duties for mobile offshore platforms and ships.
  3. Harbor terminal security surveillance and protection.
  4. Provision of  safe  anchorages  around  the  roadsteads  and  other authorized places within the channels.
  5. Community security  surveillance  services  for  companies  with  high value facilities located around/within riverine communities.
  6. Covert maritime  intelligence   gathering   and   reporting   to  client’s security department or relevant government agencies.
  7. Safe and  secured  marine  transportation  of  materials  and  crew  to offshore platforms and locations.
  8. Search and rescue operations.
  9. Port Facility and Ship Security Surveys/Audits and Assessments.
  10. Stitching of security plans.
  11. Any maritime security solution tailored to meet client’s satisfaction.

In the delivery of all our services, it is our policy to provide  the  best  services in  line  with  the  clients’  need  without compromising the safety of our on-scene team members.  It is part of our concept that clients assess the performances of our on-scene teams and equipment for relay to the management team ashore. The import of this is to allow for fine-tuning and effective quality control to satisfy clients’ dynamic security needs and guarantee delivery of high quality services. For us, the client is a senior partner that must be appeased with the best service at all times using our team of professionals and armada of fit-for-purpose ships.

AquaShield Fleets

We provide private maritime security services, with a fleet of anti- ballistic fuel efficient and fast intervention patrol boats with state of the art tracking and navigation system manned by specially trained crew to meet robust security needs of our clients. Members of our field security staff are supported by a team of dedicated watch-keepers in our Operations Room ashore which is equipped with modern surveillance/remote monitoring visual/audio gadgets 24/7 and 365 days unbroken.  No doubt, the professional configuration of our human and material assets is a lucid testimony of our suitability to provide the best maritime security solution to our present and new clients. Consequently, we are glad to take you through some detailed aspects of our highly robust, flexible but very potent maritime security solution profile. In  addition,  we  have  some  patrol  vessels  tied  to  our  fleet  through partnership arrangements with some national and foreign companies.

All our vessels are equipped with world-class cutting-edge technology gadgets such as AIS, High beam searchlight, Long range infra-red lights, tracking radar, night vision goggles,  high definition  binoculars,  VHF  and  HF communication  sets as  wells as GMDSS equipment. With suitable naval guns mounted and embarked, our vessels and teams are ever ready to deliver value for money to the pleasing of our clients.